5 Ways to Personalize Your Kitchen Remodel

5 Ways to Personalize Your Kitchen Remodel

The days of following trends blindly are now long gone; people now want to ensure that their homes reflect their own tastes and interests, and this means opting for designs, styles, materials, and even accessories that are in tune with this. Personalizing a kitchen is an exciting way to add an element of personalization to a modern, traditional or even eclectic kitchen; in fact, many people see it as a way of adding their signature to the design that is their kitchen renovation.


Going about personalizing your kitchen is a fun and exciting challenge, but it can also be rather daunting; while you will want to ensure that your tastes and preferences are reflected in the design of the room, you will also want to make sure that this is done in a stylish manner, and this can be rather tricky to achieve. Here are 5 ways that you can personalize your kitchen remodeling task and have fun with it in the process:


Focus on your Personal Style

While some people prefer a wide range of styles, others tend to lean towards one more than others, and if you look around you, it might become obvious which styles you prefer. Focus on your own tastes as you go through the process of kitchen remodeling so that each and every decision you make will be in line with your personal preferences, and this will end up reflecting in just about every design-related aspect of your kitchen. In the beginning, you might not realize just how personalized your kitchen is, but after you have put the entire room together, you’ll suddenly find that it is truly “you”, and this is when you will know that you have done a great job.


Fill the Room with your Favorite Color

Many people have a favorite color, and this should be a hue that simply fills them with joy. By painting something in the room in that specific color, whether it is a door or an entire wall, you can rest assured that you will feel more comfortable within your kitchen. It is important to remember, however, that the color needs to blend in well with the surroundings, and if you are going to use it on a large area, you might want to ensure that the color is suitable for this room; if not, you can simply use it on a smaller area within a space.


It is always a good idea to combine colors and textures, when it comes to your kitchen renovation, and this is because it brings an element of intrigue to the space. By combining the right colors and textures, you can start putting together a truly unique room; something that is truly personal because you were the mastermind behind it. Before you begin pasting wallpaper down, or bringing out the paintbrushes, you might want to start out by bringing the colors and textures together on separate strips of paper, since this will give you a better idea about whether it will work within your home.


Intriguing Countertops

There are so many ways to personalize your kitchen remodeling job that the sky is the limit. One of the biggest trends at the moment is to embed certain objects within the countertops; items such as stones, fossils and even photographs can be placed just beneath the surface of these countertops, and the various methods that are used to accomplish this will ensure that individuals can still see and feel the items in question. This type of exercise can only be taken on by those that are thinking about replacing or refurbishing their countertops; this might be a slightly costlier task to undertake, but it is one of the most effective methods of personalizing the kitchen renovation. Those that are interested in taking advantage of this option can also make the decision to have items imbedded in the walls; it is advised that people pick out prime locations for these items, however, or it might have the opposite effect to what was intended.


Adding Inlays to Countertops and Walls

Inlays are great ways to personalize a kitchen renovation, because customers get to choose precisely what they want represented on their countertops, doors or walls. It doesn’t matter whether you want to add a pattern, picture, symbol or wording to these areas of your kitchen, you are the master of your own renovation when it comes to having these inlays installed.


Wall Stickers

Kitchens are no longer practical spaces within the home that require nothing more than a working stove; they are now places of comfort and luxury, and the décor within these spaces should reflect this. Wall stickers are currently all the rage, because they allow individuals the chance to portray landscapes, wording or simply pictures on their walls without damaging the paint or having to drill holes into the wall. It doesn’t matter whether you want to look onto the cityscape of San Francisco or have the words “yummy”, “love” or “family” pasted onto a wall in bright, bold letters, wall stickers are great ways to personalize this special room within your home through kitchen renovation.


Bringing it all together

It is important for individuals to remember that whether they are personalizing their kitchens or simply conducting a kitchen remodeling project to update this room within the home, it is important that they focus on blending in every aspect within this space so that the design flows seamlessly from one area to another. Even the most eclectic rooms have a flow to them, and this is one way to ensure that your home maintains a stylish look and feel, no matter where your tastes and preferences take you. Most importantly, it is important to enjoy the kitchen renovation process; after all, if you are going to be putting your “stamp” on this area of the home, you will want to look back on the project with fondness, and this comes with making all of the appropriate preparations and taking on the task with the knowledge that you are turning your home into a space that is uniquely you.
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